Goodbye Kodak, goodbye thrill of the chase.

Friday 19th January was a sad day for any analogue film photographer as Kodak has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Newest reports say that the company has just over a year to try and turn the business around to evade a dismal fate. “Kodak was an analogue company that failed to appreciate the threat that digital technology posed to its business – until it was too late.” said John Naughton on the Guardian (

I became an avid fan of disposable cameras at around the age of 14. I can accredit Kodak for my subsequent Photography degree as it was my simple introduction to the medium of photography. Up until 2012 I have continued to buy disposable cameras and use Kodak film, a small traditional pleasure in a world of technology and impatience, although inevitable to last.

I think that disposable and analogue cameras can give you something much more than a digital camera can. It’s about the final product, but it’s also about the experience for me. I love the hour wait of anticipation whilst my film is being developed, I love that you can’t remember every photo on that film, and you can’t delete it if you don’t like your double chin. I love the index cards you get, the negatives, and most of all, getting them back and clutching the little package as excited as a child with that long awaited Christmas present.


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