Back to pen and paper.

So it has happened again, for the second time since I moved to London in September, my phone has been stolen.

I find myself swaying between thinking it is the worst things that could happen to me, and a blessing in disguise. In a way I have a sense of freedom without a mobile phone, it’s invigorating. I’m free from the hold that a mobile has over its owner, the constant checking for messages or updates. If I want to talk to someone, I must actually have to have a face to face conversation, yes it takes time and effort but is much more rewarding than sending a text. The downside is finding the person, which can prove a difficulty.

A mobile phone is almost like your baby, you carry it with you always, you have to feed (charge) it , you have to give it lots of attention and be very careful not to drop it, and yet it is a necessity of life for approximately 6 billion of us in 2012. The world could not function in today’s society without the mobile platform, that I am sure.

Part of me is tempted to not go through the hassle of making an insurance claim and carry on living free from any external source to my actual life, but let’s be honest, the novelty of being phoneless will probably ware off in the next few days and I will probably be climbing the walls in anticipation for my replacement.

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