Maisie Crow – A Life Alone.

Tom Rose

A touching piece of multimedia journalism I found online tonight is a short visual story shot by Maisie Crow about an elderly gentleman called Tom Rose, who is telling us the evidently upsetting story of his late wife Mary Lou and the 63 years of marriage they shared together. In 2010 A Life Alone was recognized at the Best of Photojournalism awards and was selected to be shown at the 2nd Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism. It is shot black and white and uses a mix of photo and video with Tom narrating over the top.

Tom says at the start of the video, “life is but a memory”and I was interested in his story from then as I was struck by the truth of Tom’s words and it made me think about life and death and how at the end of the day what worth are material objects over memories, knowledge and experiences? When people are asked what they want from life the usual answers are love, money and happiness, which form lasting memories.

Although short, the story is beautifully saddening and the themes of death and loss are on a very personal level but not intimidating for the viewer as it is so honest and real that I felt i knew Tom.

If you’d like to see the video for yourself which i would recommend, the link is below.


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