Here is my first ever article published in my university magazine, Smoke Magazine, about 2 weeks ago about my first term at university. Enjoy.

As we embark on our second semester of the year, I found many lessons of being an independent adult the hard way last term. I have told myself that I will do things properly this time around! If I’m successful or not is another matter.

I am going to break this article down into two sections; things I did wrong in first term, and lessons I’ve learnt for semester 2.

So let’s begin with the bane of the last few weeks of term for a lot of us, lack of cold hard cash. Reduced to a diet of cup a soup, cheap bread and water in the middle of November and up to knee deep in my overdraft from dizzily having spent my entire loan, I completely reduced my cupboard down to its original bareness and have vowed never to reach that level of depravity again!

So what have I learnt? Try to have the basics in the fridge and freeze as much as your freezer and flatmates allow. Also stock up on tinned foods, you can buy almost anything tinned for pennies. If you find yourself on the soup diet, Covent Garden soup is like a godsend. Also a trend that I believe is becoming better known, assassinating the reduced isle of Sainsbury’s at nighttime as it is usually brimming with bargains.

Then there’s the challenge of getting the balance right between work and play. It’s happened a few times too many that Monday has got too messi for all of us I’m sure. For me, not one, but two of my hungover Tuesdays have been spent feebly attempting assessments, which was a big mistake on my part which I do not wish for anyone to repeat. Remembering that drinking is bad and we have to concentrate on our studies, I simply recommend from experience to try and bare in mind what tomorrow holds as we have a long journey ahead of us in trying to get these degrees under our belts.

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