Rise of the Hipster.

Apparently Hipsters can be explained by the following social formula, Emo + Metro + Hobo = Hipster. Attempting to piece together an understanding of the craze.

“If you are concerned enough about the phenomenon to analyse it and discuss it, you are already somewhere on the continuum of hipsterism and are in the process of trying to rid yourself of its ‘taint’.” Wrote US writer Rob Horing.

Should Western civilisation be worried of a hipster revolt by the army’s that roam the cool districts of cities and university campuses? The trend is clearly huge with websites such as Tumblr having a full spectrum of ‘Hipsterdom’ from Hipsters to wannabes to ‘haters’. It’s cultural tourism; hipsters are just trying to find their niche away from the mainstream.

“The modern hipster is a composite of individuals with a certain bohemian life situation and lifestyle. He or she rejects “mainstream” culture and embraces and contributes to independent culture, and prides him/herself on this.” This is the definition of a Hipster on Urban Dictionary, however there are physical traits that can help you to identify a Hipster on the streets.

For a hipster, their core belief is the △ symbol. The triangle represents the irony of their social situation. A triangle is a tessellate shape that fits everywhere. However hipsters are the opposite, often social outsiders and lone wolves. The triangle has sharp edges which represents their quick wit and, ahem, originality. Also the triangle is the Greek Capital Delta symbol which is the sign for change.

Popular clothing includes passive sportswear shoes, denim high-waisted shorts, flannel shirts, retro band tee or vintage clothing usually brought from Urban Outfitters or American Apparel who cash in on catering for the hipster demographic.

I have been called a hipster a couple of times, a claim that I deny. I have a Tumblr account. I like to read, I drink Red Stripe, and I shop at Urban Outfitters against my better will. I have long hair, and a tattoo. Do I embody the definition? Does this make me a Hipster? No it doesn’t.

Matt Grandfield is the author of Hipstermattic. After his girlfriend left him for having ‘no direction’, he began his quest to become the ultimate hipster.  In interview he defined his hipster findings:

“Today it’s about being un-hip. Trying to look cool, by trying to look like your not trying is perhaps the best way to sum it up. Retro loving, buddy holly glasses wearing subculture of people who are trying to be cool by trying to be everything that’s not mainstream. That’s what the hipster is.”

My conclusion, I may, or may not be a hipster but what does it matter anyway. Hipsterism seems to be gaining momentum, but choice of ideology, fashion, music, doesn’t necessarily make a person, it is just a reflection of interests. Leave them be, It’s just another trend that will soon phases out and be replaced by something new.








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