LFW Day 1

This week has been all about fashion here in London, with Somerset House hosting the bi-annual London Fashion Week and Weekend.

I’ve thrown myself into the deep end so to speak with Fashion Week, knowing only a handful of designers originally, I have done my research and been to Somerset House thrice this week as well as watching some of the live shows online. I am also deliberating on going to London Fashion Weekend, if my overdraft will allow #thedownsideoffashion.

The reason why I have acquired such an interest is because I have chosen to focus on Fashion for two of my upcoming modules, Essential Journalism where i will attempt to make a video documentary of my experience of fashion and LFW, and Esssential journalism where I will be the editor of a What I Wore Today style blog with 6 of my coursemates for a week of intense fashion blogging which goes live on Monday. Be sure to check out thestudentwardrobe.wordpress.com from Monday 27th February! That was a shameful plug I apologise, back to Fashion Week..

So through sunshine and shower I loitered the cobbled Courtyard of Somerset House being mesmerised by the brilliant but sometimes strange (can i say that?) outfit choices of some of the fashionista’s. Nevertheless I think Fashion Week is an event that anybody who is interested in fashion should attend, and it can be possible to gain entry to the live shows on occasion also believe it or not.

The highlight of what I’ve seen has to be the stunning SS12 collection by Mary Katrantzou. The eye popping colours and almost OTT prints are alluring and stare worthy. Taking inspiration from everyday objects such ad perfume bottles, jewellery and flowers, celebs and us regular joe’s are all forming an orderly que to get our hands on one of the beautiful dresses. Lots of celebrities have been seen wearing her high street designs this week such as Alesha Dixon, Poppy Delevigne, Samantha Cameron and Topshop heiress Chloe Green. For a high street dress costing a not overly extortionate £350, Mary K is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

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