Video Review

On reflection, I think that my video piece turned out to be what I wanted it to be, but I am not happy with the editing on it. I found Final Cut Pro a very difficult programme to use, and although I spent hours editing all the footage down, it doesn’t show how much time and effort really went into the making of the video. It was a very time consuming and stressful module, and if i had to do it again I would schedule in advance a lot more time to edit as I didn’t expect it to take such a long time. I wasn’t influenced by any real media, more my own experiences of Fashion Week, which led me to the idea of the video.

It was my first attempt at interviewing on location, and there is a lot of background noise in the interviews, making it hard to hear what they are saying, noise that I didn’t realise was so loud at the time. Also on the catwalk shots, whilst I was walking the camera was shaking a lot more than I though and so I had to stabilise it on Final Cut Pro, which led to it being a bit slower motion, but I don’t think it’s too visible. I think that I got a wide range of interviews and that it hit the criteria of what I wanted to create.

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