Audio Review

I found the Audio module much easier than Video overall, as it wasn’t as time consuming as an interview only took about five minutes and we could also use the phone booth and it would go straight on to the computer. I got the idea for my podcast after seeing on the BBC that UK unemployment had risen to 2.67 million, a truly shocking statistic.

After doing some more research, I then found out that youth unemployment amongst 16 – 25 year olds has also risen  to 22.5%, and the hiring outlook for 2012 has slumped to its weakest level since the recession, with the jobs market on a “kinfe edge” according to the Telegraph. I decided to base my podcast around students getting jobs after university, as it is a growing concern for myself and most other students in the UK about actually getting a job at all after finishing our degrees with the job market being as it is. Also it fits the theme of my blog being a student blog, and it a useful podcast for a undergraduate to listen to.

I originally went down to the job centre in Harrow as I wanted to talk to a worker about it, but they couldn’t speak on behalf of the company, so I was given the regional press office contact number. I phoned them up but again they said they couldn’t comment and referred me to MP Chris Grayling, employment minister for this area of London. I requested an interview with him but I only had a week left to get my audio footage and he wasn’t available in the short space of time.

So instead I interviewed my course leader as he could give an insight into what he knows about the general success that graduates from my course have. This I think is a strong part of my interview which is very informative for the peers in my class who are mostly likely going to be looking at my blog and thinking about this. I then interviewed a friend who is a few years older than I, who graduated from his Masters last summer, about how he found getting a job after completely finishing higher education. This interview I think is the best bit of my podcast, as it highlights and adresses everything that we are currently worrying about, and gives advice on how he got a job in the end. Finally for my podcast I interviewed a peer from my course about how she felt about getting a job in two years time.

I think that the podcast works well and is informative for a student to listen to, also hitting the target demographic of my blog. I think that it could have been edited slightly better as there are cuts that I didn’t know how to disguise, but i tried my best and am proud of my first podcast.

For the interview I went to the CentrePoint offices after looking into homelessness and discovering the charity in another of my university modules. I think the interview is very informative, and I wanted it to address the issue of homelessness in our society which I don’t think we are concerned enough about. I think the interview was very good, and Jennifer gave so much information in a short space of time. I am pleased with my edit of the interview as I think it’s quite well done and runs smoothly as a whole.

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