Think Fast


Fleetwood Mac in the background, still in bed in the afternoon, with cup of tea steaming happily away beside to me. The weather outside is rubbish; so I’m partially justified. Welcome to your average student applying for an internship online. I will talk you through it. The trick is to try and zone out from the outside world and fight very hard against procrastination. Daydreams of my coming summer holiday and going back to the city flit through my head, and the wonderful circus that is university. I came to learn over the past nine months, that if the ‘University Experience’ were for some ridiculous reason categorized by circuses that it has to be like going on tour with the Moscow State Circus. The performers come in all different shapes and sizes, and we gawked and gasped, just like we were supposed to do. There are clowns, jesters, animals, musicians, jugglers, artists and those that walk the line. Students are like circus performers, yes, being watched and performing to the choreographed music of the ringmasters. Concentration fail just then, sorry! But that is what goes through a student’s head when applying for an internship. I’m off to… tame my lion.

– a piece i came up with yesterday for an internship application. comments and feedback welcome, it’s a little strange i know aha

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