When in Scotland

I want to tell you about the mini adventure I went on yesterday up to Scotland! It was my first visit to Scotland and gosh it’s lovely, i want to go back already! It was for Chase magazine, as one of my team is writing a piece on Donald Trump’s golf course, if you haven’t heard of it you should google it. I went along to help him out and take photos/videos of the day, (which are in a gallery at the bottom of this post).

I knew vaguely what was going on with the golf course, but after actually going there, walking around, talking to local residents, politicians, planners and everyone else who spoke to us (Scottish people are SO friendly and kind!) and seeing the breathtaking natural beauty that is being destroyed, Trump quite frankly makes me sick. From talking to the local residents who’s houses have been literally been fortressed out of sight by great mounds of earth – trapping them in whilst blocking their views of the surrounding area its disgustingly ostentatious and no amount of money should allow what he is doing to be justified.

Basically there is this massive stretch of land that in the countryside that leads onto a very long wide beach and is dotted with little farms and houses. The site between the beach and the green countryside is bordered by grass dunes which are protected by the SSI – site of scientific interest as is one of Scotland’s most valuable natural habitatit and a sight of outstanding natural beauty. These dunes are currently being bulldozed and covered in turf for the luxury golf course.

After getting up at 3am we arrived in Balmedie, just north of Aberdeen at around 9am to find that the hire car we were supposed to have wasn’t there so we had to taxi around which was fine in the end. Fortunately that was the only thing that went wrong during the day which was quite remarkable!

Some highlights included: Being invited into people’s houses for tea and biscuits as we were freezing cold, walking through farms and seeing lots of animals, chats with lovely strangers, a cosy pub lunch next to a log fire, a trip in the golf course security guards car to the beach, watching the sun go down whilst paddling in the sea, a taxi journey with a driver who’s accent was so thick that we didn’t understand a word he was syaing, resulting in us ‘uh-huh-ing’ for 20 minutes, meeting an insane but incredible local planner who took us to an amazing bar, bought us 6% beer and then drove us at 60mph to the airport so we wouldn’t miss our flight and then a chat with a stranger on the plane that lasted practically the whole journey back to London. SUCH a good day, Scotland i’ll be back!

To read Daniel’s article on You’ve Been Trumped make sure you check up on the inside the chase website next week, it’s going to be pretty special!

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