Suitcase Magazine’s New Talent Scout

Suicase 123

I’m still massively in shock, but I am the newly appointed Talent Scout for Suitcase magazine! It’s bonkers how I ended up with the role but I am so excited about the prospects that are on the horizon, and I’m also honoured to be representing the young up and coming talent in London today in my own column called New Kids on the Blog as part of the new website which is being launched in a few weeks time.

Suitcase is a quarterly print publication, currently only three issues in, as well as a continuously updated online site. The unique sell of Suitcase lies in the fact that it has done something that hasn’t been done before in the UK. The focus’ of the magazine are fashion, travel and culture, and it is the first magazine of it’s kind to fuse these aspects together, that I personally feel are so important for the twenty-something women of today. I couldn’t have landed at a magazine that was more tailored to my main passions in life, travel, literature, photography and fashion. I am a very lucky girl considering I’m still only in my second year of university and I’m doing what I have dreamt of as a child already. It just goes to show that good things come to those who wait and work hard!

I landed the role after initially sending Angelica Malin @jellymalin a submission for the online blog about my travels across the US this time two years ago (god I feel old), as the current issue is a USA theme, as you can see above. I got a reply a little while later to say that they don’t have any spaces for contributing writers, however they were holding internship interviews in a few weeks time, and would I like to go? Of course I was thrilled at the prospect of interning at Suitcase, so before the interview I made sure I knew who everyone was and went over the past issues to really get a feel for the magazine.

My interview was last Thursday, and I found out yesterday that they would like to offer me a role within the magazine as a talent scout for all the most exciting new designers, artists, musicians, photographers etc in London. I will be keeping my eyes open for young people doing really creative and interesting things in London, and I may even get my own section on the website (and magazine, who knows?) in the future if it all goes well.

So for anyone reading this in the London area, if you would like me to look at what you are making/creating, with the prospect of having your work featured in one of London’s best new magazines then please drop me an email at!


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