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(For uni) Audio slideshows are a relatively new innovation which merges static images together with audio commentary. It is a popular form of new multimedia journalism, but personally I don’t think that I like them very much, however I do appreciate their distinctiveness to new online media.

I can see the potential that they have when done well – for example I really thought that Bill Cunningham’s On The Street for NYT Fashion was brilliant! He kept the piece alive with his infectious enthusiasm for the pictures and the story behind it, which clearly conveys his passion for photography. It is a really amusing slideshow and there is a lot of energy to it, largely thanks to Bill’s simple, almost child-like narration. Generally from what I have seen online, they don’t really capture my attention enough and I find they can be somewhat mundane, however this is not to say I’ve ruled out an audio slideshow! If i did make one I would ensure it had a really upbeat soundtrack to keep the audience’s attention.

I also really like the slideshows on the LA Times’ Pop.u.LA.tion. I think my favourite one (link is below) details the wonderful life of 100 year old twins Venice Shaw and Inez Harries. It’s really touching and not bland or drawn-out, and it caters for my fondness of old dears. Below are the twins doing their thing, and if you can spare 1.40 have a watch of the video, they are really sweet.



The session gave me some ideas about my personal project, and I know that I definitely want there to be a visual aspect. I like the idea of video, or possibly an audio slideshow as a lighthearted colour piece to catch a flavour of an event or to convey a personality. I liked the mention of a ‘day in the life’ video or an observational documentary. I may try and incorporate my project with either my blog theme or for Chase or Suitcase Magazine, but I’m not quite sure yet!

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