Introduction to Video

Quite often you will have a niche audience for your video. Target your audience specifically as it’s very important. For example, The Guardian’s target audience is 40-55 so they are creating videos for a specific middle aged market. This is why they can seem uninteresting for a younger person to watch. If I was creating a video for someone my own age it would need to be more involved with the action, or following a certain person/story from the centre of the action.

I looked at the New York Times video section and I think they are getting it right with their videos. They have a clearly categorised video index with separate video categories such as world, arts, sport, style etc, with subcategories of this section, defining it further. I was looking at the different sections, and a video that I watched and liked is The Man Who Sells the Moon

Although the central character Dennis Hope – owner of the moon (or so he states) is a little deranged, I like the humourous take on the video. For example, the opening shot is of Denis answering a phonecall by saying “Good morning, Intergalactic government headquarters”. I like that they are showcasing quirky people like this, whereas you probably would see videos like this from the UK. I like how the video is produced, with Dennis talking all the way through and then cutting to him speaking live to the cameras. They also cut between him doing his daily tasks, and images of the moon every now and then, or writing across the screen to emphasise what he’s saying.

I think the NYT videos have more of an energy about them than the Guardian’s. They are more like really short documentaries than video’s, and they capture a real feel for the person or subject and use quick cuts with lots of information and visuals. The Guardian videos can feel a bit of a chore to watch as the tempo is very slow and there’s normally a long drawn out interview and not much else.


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