Kenzine Blog analysis

Kenzo(For uni) We were asked to find a website that we haven’t looked at before and make a short analysis of how the site works. I have only just discovered Kenzo as a design brand, and being a good student I accidentally found myself on the Kenzo website when I should have been listening to the lecture. It was worth missing 10 minutes of web coding analysis to look at their beautiful collection. Sorry to admit that Jim.

So the Kenzo blog, or Kenzine as it’s self titled, has a Javascript front page with the Kenzo logo with the word Paris rotating in the O at the end. After you’ve admired the design/graphics/logo or stared at the Paris spinning around, the screen disappears to reveal the blog. If you’re not so easily fascinated I think you can just click and the Java will disappear. The blog itself is really interactive, with a clear informational architecture, with the links to the shop, collection and stores at the top of the page. There are little quirky additions such a tiger appearing when you hover over the ‘Kenzo Club’ link on the far right, which is also the logo for their most recent TIGER FEVER SS13 Capsule Collection. Here is also the YouTube promo video for the Tiger Fever collection which I really really liked! I would love to produce something as upbeat and attention grabbing as this short video for my individual project, but this video looks like it was quite difficult to make, and Final Cut Pro on a very basic level intimidates me.

Concerning the responsive design aspect of the blog – which is how a website will transfer to a different platform e.g a tablet or iPhone, I’m not sure how all of the quirky interactive effects would transfer onto a different platform such as a tablet or iPhone. The website uses the mouse quite heavily and I don’t think this would translate on a smaller hand held device? For this reason I think that the blog might lose some of its charm, but viewed over the internet I was really impressed by the website through my new web-technology-enlightened eyes.

The posts themselves, (puts journalist’s hat on) have a short introduction which is written in a really accessible style, and there is a larger picture included that links to what the post is about. I found the introductions left me wanting to read more about the subject and featured image, and this was a nice feature to their writing. Also the feature content wasn’t elitist like I might have expected. I think this is really effective and I would definitely visit the blog again for interesting fashion related content!

An example of the blog posts is below called: Jungle’s in Paris #2,

Screen shot 2013-02-01 at 16.44.40

This session has been enlightening on how websites, HTML and CSS3 works and it was interesting to be able to decode and inspect websites using Firebug as it’s not something I knew that you could do. Also the analysis of a website has made me look upon my own blog from a new perspective.

I am still leaning towards making a video for my production, but I’m still not sure what on. I have been deliberating a little with the subject of ‘start up’ within the magazine industry. I might focus on Suitcase Magazine as I work for them and so I have access to the people and to the office etc. Also this would relates to my blog concept of student life and my main interest of the Magazine industry. I like the idea of maybe a ‘day in the life’ style video, perhaps of my boss Serena Guen who has been hailed by none other than Vogue as “a force of nature” in the magazine industry, and a figurehead of Generation XX by the Evening Standard. She is a massive source of inspiration for me and probably every other magazine lover for the innovation and success of Suitcase Magazine at the age of 22, whilst still studying at NYU. This is of course if she is in the UK again anytime soon. Serena is also so down to earth and kind that I think it would be a good introduction to who she is and her amazing success story. Here is an interview with Serena for Your Collection, if I have spurned some intrigue.

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