Be my booties

All hail the Little Black Boot! Just as a heads up, this post is really just a homage to my new boots/love for boots if I’m honest! I don’t know how you all feel about mid ankle boots, but I think they are an essential winter wardrobe staple for the chilly Winter/Spring season. I caved on Thursday whilst in central London and went into Topshop and bought myself a pair of MIGHTY boots in black for £45 (£40.50p with student discount) and I haven’t taken them off since.

It’s got to the point where I woke up this morning and put them on to keep my feet warm instead of slippers. It was only when my flatmate Tom looked utterly bewildered at me in the kitchen wearing pyjamas and my boots that I realised I love these boots maybe a little too much. They are so comfortable and the heels is a perfect height at 3 inches, not too high that it hurts after an hour, and not too small that there’s no point in a heel at all. The cut of the boot is also really nice, with a seam across the middle of the top where you would otherwise get a crease through wear.

I think that LBB’s are perfect for everyday wear, you can wear them in the day as a smart shoe choice, or they can dress up an outfit for going out at night. I already own a pair of suede beige studded ankle boots from Primark that I bought for £18 in September, and although they are comfortable to wear they have worn out quite a lot. Unfortunately this is pretty standard for all Primark merchandise, so this time I wanted to invest in a pair that were beautiful and would last.

For anyone thinking of investing in a pair of boots I’ve done my research online and I would really recommend going to Toppers and checking out their selection! I think the MIGHTY’s are the best cheapest girly boot available, but if you have a little more money to spare, I also lovelovelove the cut out boots that are around at the moment, such as the ADONIS2 suede cut outs for £70 – on a similar note I adore the ARABEL white cut out boots (but could never afford) at £85. Back to LBB’s, the BEAutiful ARISTOTLE (titled for their greatness I think) chunky, tassled and steel capped Boots for £98 *cue sharp intake of breath, are kind of amazing, or the classic APRIL Chelsea Boots are on my radar for £62, even though I prefer heeled boots personally. You can’t beat a good pair of boots, so chose wisely ladies!boooooties


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