Love is love.

Marriage (Same sex couples) Bill:

I don’t know if I have any real merit in writing about politics, but I’d like to discuss my views on the equal marriage debate in the house of commons today.

The way I see it, love is love. I don’t see how anyone can oppose that fact. If two people want to get married who is anybody to stop this. Sexuality shouldn’t be a factor in it at all, it’s about marriage equality. Society has changed, and I think the fact that the Pope has said that ‘gay marriage will undermine the future of humanity’ is disgusting. What century do we live in?

In the words of Yvette Cooper today in her speech to the house, said: “Parliament has the chance today to support loving couples who want to get married.” And as Stephen McCabe has just said to the house: “what is there to lose to extend civil partnerships to everyone in this day and age?” We have a great opportunity to show that we have evolved as a society over the past 46 years, since it was illegal for two men to have a relationship. If the levels of marriage within the UK have significantly dropped then surely this will rectify this? Marriage in its simplest terms is about two people to be happy and in love for the rest of their lives. If this bill is passed, the definition of marriage won’t be changed or poisoned, it will enhance be enhanced and society will hopefully be less discriminating about sexuality. I literally don’t know how people can believe that it is wrong. 

As @rufushound has said on Twitter, “watching Tory naysayers really is like peering back into the past. They’re the same sort of people who said “Is Slavery really that bad?” I feel like this is such an important debate for the future of society, and it’s such a complex issue that I think this debate in itself will make history. It actually makes me sad listening to the Conservatives opposing the bill, so much so that I think I am going to stop listening as soon as I’ve published this post, but that is down to my personal politics I suppose. If you haven’t been listening/watching the debate catch up on BBC iPlayer or #equalmarriage on Twitter.


One thought on “Love is love.

  1. If the experience of life so far has taught me anything, it’s that any MP opposing gay marriage is doing so, purely to strengthen their own positions – instead of coming from a strong desire to continue outdated values.
    People in those kinds of position of power are never driven by personal crusade, as opposed to ruthless ambition; a majority of the naysayers are likely homosexual or bi-sexual anyway. Politics is often about saying or voting for whatever suits the individual best; watch MPs switch allegiance literally hours after an election, as a good example of this.
    I could be wrong – I mean I am not someone who has spent time actual inside these circles, it’s just history constantly seems to repeat itself. And in the case of gay marriage, the issue – like every other issue which arises, is lost in the politics of being as a weapon on power.

    Just thought I’d share that. I enjoyed reading the article. You have an excellent and fluid writing style Kirsty… keep up the sound work!


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