Video Idea

(For uni) I always knew that I wanted a visual dialogue to whatever I created for my personal project rather than written or audio based. I would like to document a person of our time, like Intel’s Visual Life campaign, which is a series of documentaries about the lives of inspirational bloggers. I particularly liked their introductory video on The Sartorialist aka Scott Schuman.

I would like to possibly create something similar to this, with a young lady called Jodi Bickley from Birmingham, who has an incredible story (here) which has spurned her to recently create the altruistic onemillionlovelyletters project. The premise is very simple, if you or someone you know is low and needs a little reassurance from a stranger who cares, then send Jodi and email and she will write you a letter to let you know that even if she is a complete stranger, she cares and believes in you.

Jodi Ann Bickley - onemillionlovelyletters
Jodi Ann Bickley – onemillionlovelyletters

One million lovely letters has so far reached over 400 people in 80 countries within two weeks, amassing over 15,000 views in that time. This project deserves to be shared, as she is single handedly reminding the world to stay positive when things get too much. I am behind this project 100%, and will also be featuring Jodi in the next issue of Chase Magazine in April!

I am not just assuming what it must be like to receive one of her letters, I actually got one. When I came across Jodi’s site I was in a bit of a stressed middle-of-deadline-week induced sadness and I emailed Jodi about some things I was worrying about. I received the most lovely uplifting letter and it genuinely made my day to find a floral, animated envelope waiting for me on my doormat on a dreary Monday morning. This is why I’m so keen to share Jodi’s selfless story with you all. I hope to go and visit her in Birmingham in a few weeks and to share her story with you, perhaps by video as part of my individual project.

Go and visit to see some of Jodi’s letters for yourself.

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