Photojournalism Ideas

(For uni) Following from the lecture with Ben Edwards, I have been thinking of ideas for my individual photo based project, as my deadline is rearing its ugly head. We were told that to make a successful photojournalism piece, we had to consciously decide between recording an event, or exploring a chosen topic. I am aiming to do the latter. Ben said that the best outlook to have on a concept is for it to be humble and realistic in expectations, and if you can do it within your own postcode then that is a bonus.

Robert Frank - The Americans
Robert Frank – The Americans

Photography has a universality – in that It means something different to each of us. The link that I hope to portray with my project is about human interaction, and portraying a situation from the outlook of a regular person on the street. As Jack Kerouac writes in his introduction to Robert Frank’s – Americans: “The humour, the sadness, the everything-ness and the American-ness of the pictures. Robert Frank, Swiss, unobtrusive, nice, with that little camera that he raises and snaps with one hand he sucked a sad poem right out of America onto film, taking rank amongst the tragic poets of the world.”



Another artist I was introduced to today was Larry Towell – The Mennonites. Originating in Europe in the sixteenth century, the Mennonites are a Protestant religious sect, related to the Amish. Rather than compromise their way of life, they have continually been forced to migrate around the world to maintain their freedom to live as they choose. The greatest numbers are now found in Mexico, and many live or regularly migrate to work in rural Canada. Towell immersed himself within the culture of the Mennonites.

Larry Towell - The Mennonites
Larry Towell – The Mennonites

Some ideas that I have are: religion and culture within the Harrow area – something possibly like Liz Hingley’s “Under Gods’ – where she documented religion down one street, Soho Road – in Birmingham. I think it’s a really powerful series that really gives a clear representation of what she is exploring through photography.

‘Under Gods investigates the growth of urban multi-faith communutues and the complex issues involved. Along the two mile stretch of Soho Road in Birmingham, UK, religion has become the defining factor rather than culture or race.I aimed to show the reality and intensity of different lifestyles in urban areas of Britain and the beauty religion brings to inner city life.”

Images from the 'Under Gods' series
Images from Liz Hingley – Under Gods

I may do a walking study of the Harrow area, as there are many different religions and races within the area, alongside a strong student population from the university.

I also thought about continuing a project that I started as part of my Photography A-level – that
I never felt I fully had the time to complete. My project was based on candid photography amongst public transport within London, and the absurd etiquette of the underground network. This was my final image from my collection – and I would like to continue the project now that I live in London and could easily do the project more efficiently than I could in 2009.


So here are my ideas as they stand! I’m going to refine them next week and do some research and talk to my lecturers about my ideas and into what would make a best audio slideshow.

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