Audio Slideshow Final Idea

(For uni) I think I finally have my idea sorted for my audio slideshow! Hooray! I am going to continue with my previous idea of exploring the different cultures and religions of people within the Harrow area where I live. Harrow is the most religiously diverse borough in London (source:


Five interesting facts about the borough:

  • Harrow is the 12th largest London borough by area
  • Harrow public school is famous for educating seven Prime Ministers, including Winston Churchill, and has also featured in the Harry Potter films
  • 22% of Harrow’s population identify themselves as ‘Indian’ in ethnicity, the highest in London
  • Harrow is the most religiously diverse local authority in the UK; there’s a 62% chance that two random residents would be from different religious groups
  • One fifth of the borough is composed of parkland and open spaces, creating agreen belt equivalent to eight Hyde Parks

To make a powerful audio slideshow, you need to be creative in storytelling. The context and ideas have to work together, with one complementing the other. I will be hoping to answer the question: what is religion, and can we represent what it means through photography? Apart from symbolism and cliches, how do you visually represent something that is invisible. Religion is in the mind, the heart and the soul, and it’s incredibly difficult to define. I want to challenge of how to portray what it means to be religious, through un-stereotypical images of religion within my area.

Image from Google Street Vew
Image from Google Street Vew

I will be exploring the shops within Harrow, specifically along Kenton Road, taking photos of the people and items within the shops, in a similar style to Liz Hingley. I will layer this over the audio conversations with the people I meet. To give you a feel for the diversity of the area, Kenton Road is lined with businesses, off-licences, shops and specific religious shops and restaurants. For example you can have an indian restaurant opposite an Indian sweetshop, opposite a chinese restaurant and next to a lebanese shisha bar.The cultures that exist just within such a small section of the road are what’s interesting to me, and I would like to talk to the owners about how/if they feel their country or religion is accurately represented in this area, and what their religion means to them.

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