Photography rules of thumb

(For uni) Tips from Ben Edwards when taking our photographs for out final projects:

Zoom 18-55 lens. 55 standard lens – 55mm. degree of vision of 45%. 18 wider angle. camera on zoom at 55, you cant shoot on a shutter speed of less than a 60th of a second or it will blur. camera lens 35mm – you cannot shoot below a 30th of a second, and if you set your camera to a wide angle, say 18mm you cannot shoot below a 25th of a second.

Two reasons for a blurry photo. shutter speed or meta data. focusing problem. ISO controls the sensitivity of your camera, compensates for the darkness you are shooting in. It controls the noise of your image. The higher the ISO the noisier and more pixellated the image becomes.

Vitally important element – 60/ second shutter speed, aperture 3.5, ISO 400 – lowest setting your picture will allow you to take a photo. Camera will tell you it’s two stops too dark, but there are three options:

1. put camera on a tripod to steady it

2. use a flash

3. walk away

Context and point of view is so important for your project. F/11 aperture. less focal distanc. higher number F/11 f/16, everything will be in focus. if f/3.5 its selective focusing. depth of field. use your camera to present what your focus for you project is on.

There are physical and technical limitations of your camera. Set your cameras to P – progamme it will set your aperture and lens shutter speed for you. Check your camera is set to Auto Focus not Manual Focus – biggest rookie mistake.

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