Development of Final Idea


(For uni) I went out on to Harrow Road today as I thought I would just check in some shops that it would be okay for me to come back in a few hours and take some photo’s/interviews. Basically the three shops that I went in all said no… So that’s left me a little stumped, although I’m glad I checked now rather than chancing it the day before.

I’ve been thinking about a different idea for my audio slideshow, and I think I may have something up my sleeve. You may or may not know that I work in an Indian restaurant across the road from where I live. Since working there I have learnt a huge amount about the Muslim and Hindu cultures, as the majority of staff and customers are Asian. It’s been a real learning experience, and I find it quite fascinating when they talk to me about their lives and upbringings in India and their religions.

I live a few doors down from one of the chefs at work called Keshav, and so I have been thinking that I could get in touch with him and see if I could go to his house and take some pictures, in comparison with my own house to see the similarities and differences of two houses so close by. I don’t think we ever really stop to think about our neighbours and what their situations are like. Where I grew up in Dorset, I remember always being under the table at one of our neighbours houses as a little kid while mum would be having a coffee catch up – or playing in the gardens of the other children on the street, but here in the city that sense of community just isn’t there. I don’t even know my neighbours names, let alone asking to borrow a cup of sugar.

So this is plan B! Fingers crossed it will all work itself out tomorrow ready for Friday.

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