Reflection on Final Project

(For uni) Jim, I don’t know if you’re going to ask us to write a reflective log but here’s one anyway to cover my back if you do.


I think I was very lucky with this project overall, as everything kind of seemed to be against me, but it all turned out ok at the last minute. My original plan fell through after I realised that nobody was willing to talk to me in the area. Thankfully a colleague of mine from work was ok with me coming round to photograph and talk to him about his house and living arrangements. I had a friend from radio come with me to do the sound for me on the Marantz as I only have one pair of hands, and he really helped me out by coming with me, not to mention it made me feel a little less vulnerable. I was shocked at what I discovered in the house next door to me, I feel a little ‘eyes wide shut’ at the situation but it’s out of my control really.

The photography all went smoothly. I had wanted a Canon camera from Hassan for better quality photos but after repeatedly checking back to see if any had been returned, I settled for a Fuji as time was running short. The camera was adequate but it didn’t have a macro function and the focus was broken I think, so I couldn’t take any detailed close up pictures. Also the megapixel wasn’t very high and considering the house was quite dark in places, I had to discard some of the photo’s as they were no good. The final images I used in my slideshow could have been better, but I’m happy enough with the overall result.

I made my movie using iMovie on my mac, which I am really impressed with, and will definitely use again. I chose to use iMovie purely because I cant remember how to set up the scratch disks for Final Cut Pro, and I don’t know how to use Premiere Pro! After the initial confusion of a new programme and some panic googling, it’s actually quite an easy to use programme. It reminds me of a better Windows Movie Maker circa 2008.

The most difficult part of creating the slideshow for me was the sound. I used Audacity to edit the audio and it took me far too long to cut the 30 minutes of audio down to 3 minutes, and I had no choice but to revert to using my trusty iPhone to record my voice over at the start, after half a dozen failed attempts at recording and downloading from a zoom mic. I think the sound sounds okay, but I know that iPhones aren’t recommended for a project like this. It’s pretty much guaranteed that when I take on a technical project: me and the software don’t see eye to eye. Tonight was no exception. YouTube wasn’t co-operating as I was trying to upload my video and so after waiting for almost 40 minutes I had to force quit and and start again.

I am very happy with my video overall, I think the message is quite clear, that home is where the heart is, and that you shouldn’t take for granted where you live or how comfortable we have it. I interviewed my flatmate Miri when I got home from Keshav’s and her answers could not have been more suitable if I had written them myself. I really like how the video ends, with cross dissolves between the different rooms in my house compared to next door. I think the contrast is very strong and quite impactful, and the sound matched up very well with the pictures in the end. I hope that when people watch the video they stop to think for a second about how much we have compared to others.

I have enjoyed this module overall, although I think that it was too slow at the start and the different classes could have been better arranged. The photojournalism class for example was two weeks before the deadline, and after the introduction to photojournalism lecture and then the next week talking through our ideas with Ben, we only had a week to create the slideshow. It would have been better if we had had longer.

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