Feeling sentimental


I journeyed back to my hometown of Weymouth, Dorset this week – and it has been beautiful. Very cold, but beautiful. I think I’ve finally struck a balance with my hometown, I was desperate to leave for a range of reasons when I turned 20 and went to uni after my gap year. I felt a new lease of life when I moved to London in September 2011 to go to uni, everything was bigger, better and much more exciting than Weymouth was. Fast forward two years and I’m starting to grieve for the slow paced humdrum of seaside life, even though I love London with all my heart. I think maybe it’s just the age old ‘you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone’ scenario? I think I’m just way too indecisive for my own good as a human being, but the past five days at home have been just perfect. It’s made me remember how lucky I am to have an incredibly loving and amazing family and best friends, an idyllic setting and unconditional love always here when I need it.

Since I’ve been home I’ve gone to Hippyfest, drank lots of cider with my best friends, eaten tooo much fish and chips (you can’t beat seaside fish and chips) caught up with my sisters, had my first bath since Christmas, had four delicious home cooked meals, fully caught up on Emmerdale, visited the grandparents, showered my nieces and nephew with love and kisses, sat on the beach, dipped my toes in the sea, laughed until I couldn’t breathe and danced without a care into the early hours of the morning.

I think when you live in London it’s very easy to get swept up in the busyness and chaos of uni and work and life, and almost forget what you’ve left behind. I think that’s happened to me since Christmas anyway, and I think sometimes you need a little space to breathe from the city in order to come back to it with renewed determination.

I won’t go on, this is probably an awkward read and I apologise for oversharing! If you are still reading, make sure you take a second to think how lucky you are, and maybe give mum and dad a call just to check in, or answer that Facebook message you’ve been meaning to reply to for ages from an old friend. The world is always moving and time seems to be speeding up – so make sure you make the most of every day and let the people that you love know how special they are!

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