Joys of being Pickpocketed

On Friday I was pickpocketed for the first time since living in London for the past two years. It’s with great sadness I say RIP to my iPhone 4s. I know it happens to thousands of people everyday, but I am nonetheless absolutely devastated, and things are getting worse as my insurance claim processes, or maybe iPhone withdrawal is setting in… I thought I’d share my story to make you all aware of how annoying it is to replace a stolen iPhone!

So I was walking through Waterloo station on Friday afternoon after getting off my train from Weymouth, with a suitcase almost as big as me and a bag on my other arm when someone kindly stole my iPhone out of my coat pocket in the middle of the station. I LOVE(d) my iPhone to pieces, I think any iPhone owner will sympathise with me here, and I didn’t realise quite how much I relied on my phone since being without it as of Friday. It’s just the little things really, like having an alarm to wake up to, being able to contact your family and friends, or yesterday being in central with Miri and we trying to figure out which way would be quickest for us to get home on the tube. I nearly shed a tear when I went to reach into my pocket to check the tube app and having a pang of sadness upon the realisation that it’s gone forever – well until I (hopefully) get a replacement through my insurance. It’s crazy to think how we survived without mobile phones as they do so much for us everyday.

Within about five minutes of getting off the train I had realised that my phone was missing and so I approached the first stranger I saw and tried to ring my number, which had been switched off. This person obviously knew what s/he was doing. I then went to the British Transport Police which is right next door to Waterloo Station. To be completely honest they weren’t very helpful overall, but the man who saw me let me use their phone to let my family know what had happened, and I managed to erase all my data and lock my iPhone through my best friend and  the Find My iPhone App and set it up on iCloud just incase it ever happens to you. I would really recommend to anyone who has an iPhone reading this to download this app as it can track your iPhone if it is switched on and you can erase everything from the iPhone as well as sending a message to the phone.

I left the BTP with a claim form and made my way home (thankfully they only took my phone and not my purse as well) and I then consequently missed a uni deadline as I wasn’t home until past 6pm. It really was a day from hell.

Since then I’ve had to go through the insurance claim process, which is something that I haven’t had to experience by myself before now. My god they are SO tedious! I know that it’s complicated so that people don’t take the mick with claims, but £100 excess to replace it, having to make countless phonecalls, spending an hour at a police station, filling out the form then having to physically send it back and await the result… I’m going to start wearing a bumbag when I get my replacement. NEVER AGAIN will I leave anything in my coat pocket when I’m out in London! Lesson learnt.

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