Bannatyne Spa, Millbank


I was lucky enough to go for a spa day at the Bannatyne Spa in Millbank, central London over the weekend. How you wonder? Are you a secret millionaire? The answer is no… My flatmate Miri and I actually booked the tickets way back in January as a post loan treat for £35 on last, thinking that we could have gone that weekend… silly us. When we phoned up they told us that the earliest booking wasn’t until April – so it turned out to be a ‘finished second year’ treat instead – and it was definitely worth the wait. I wish I had my iPhone so I could have taken some quick pictures of how beautiful the spa was and what a beautiful day it was in central too! The Millbank centre is literally right next to the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey on the river edge in a white marble building. It was very surreal to be in a haven just off of one of the busiest locations in London, but you could never tell.

spaWith our offer we had a facial, shoulder, neck and back massage as well as a free product and full use of the spa facilities of a pool, sauna, jacuzzi, steam room and showers for the day. Here’s a picture of the pool from Google, but it really doesn’t do it justice. Where’s instagram when you need it? sob sob!

I’ve never had a facial before so that was a new one. I was a little daunted by the amount of products that were put on my face but afterwards my skin was glowing and it felt so clean and refreshed compared to when I went in. If I remember rightly she cleansed, toned, moisturised, exfoliated, masked, cleansed and then moisturised. It was heaven! However brilliant the facial was though, is no comparison to a full back massage! I had been to the gym the day before for the first time in a while and my back was all sore and achy so it was exactly what I needed – and I came out in that dreamy relaxed state without a care in the world. That’s one of the things I miss most about having a boyfriend is having massages on tap!

spaWhen our treatments were done we then had free run of the spa, which was quite busy unfortunately but we sweated it out in the steam room before having a swim and refusing to leave the jacuzzi until our skin was so prune like it was in danger of falling off! We then went and showered before getting dressed and heading back out into busy London feeling like new women. We walked over to Southbank and grabbed a light lunch in the sun before heading home to a home cooked roast with our flatmates and our friend Katie and there you have it – one absolutely perfect Sunday! I wish I could afford to go to the spa every weekend! One day maybe…

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