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This morning I got a lovely little FedEx delivery from the folks at the new US creative printing company Printstagram (@socialps). I discovered the company from Zoella’s blog post about it, and I knew I had to get some of my instagram pictures printed out to go in my bedroom! I know some people don’t really agree with instagram, but I love it – I love that  it can instantly improve a bland photo through the use of filters and I like the instagram community as well.


I ordered the prints last Wednesday and wasn’t expecting them to arrive for a little while seems as they came from California, so they get a thumbs up for a speedy delivery as well as being a really high quality visual product! Printstagram offers a range of products from the standard photos which I ordered, to flipbooks, calendars, posters, books.. the list goes on. Take a look at their website to see the full range.

I went for the set of 24 square prints for $12 and then international delivery was another $12 which equalled £16 with delivery, and I am so pleased with them!

DSC06106The pictures are about the size of a Polaroid picture, and they are printed on think matt paper with a small white boarder around the edge. Instagram pictures are known to be a little pixelated but when they are printed they are actually quite sharp with a soft focus. The colours of the pictures are also really impressive – the pictures that I had printed look so much better in real life than they do on screen, and it’s nice that your DSC06107instagrams can actually come to life and not just sitting in your camera library.

I don’t mind paying £16 for this set as some of my instagrams (@kirstybeck) are my favourite photos – but I guess some people may think it’s a little on the expensive side? I don’t know, let me know your thoughts in the comments?

I don’t think there are any companies like Printstagram in the UK so there’s not really a cheaper UK alternative at the moment, but I think it’s quite good value for money and I would recommend it rather than printing them in boots or somewhere where the photo’s might be stretched and pixellated because of the square dimensions that instagram uses. Below is a picture of what I’ve done with my prints on my bedroom wall


Hope you have a good day! Today I will finish and send off my insurance claim form for my phone!


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