Goodbye without goodbye

Yesterday I found out that one of my best friends had to pack up his life here in London within two days and fly back to India. I might never see him again, and I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye as I was at home. Abhi’s been living and working in London for four years on a student visa, and was told on Friday that he had two days to return to India or he would be banned from re-entering the UK. I’ve worked with him for two weeks, and known him since January through a friend. I cried when I found out. I can’t express how wonderful a person he is, and everyone that knows him will understand. He is one of the kindest, funniest and also stupidest people I know, and he would do anything for his friends. He’s a real life grown-up child, he lived life to the full everyday with a smile or a laugh always on his face. The last time I saw him was on Tuesday night at work; I was walking into the kitchen with a pot of ketchup and jokingly pretended to throw it at him. He then went on to hit the bottom of the pot so the ketchup went all over my face, hair and arms. I’m actually glad it’s the last memory I have with him, as I guess I’d rather remember him clutching his stomach and hyperventilating from laughing then walking through the departure gate at Heathrow with tears in his eyes. This must almost seem almost like a eulogy, I’m sorry if it does! I guess all I’m trying to say with this post is to never take your friends for granted – as you might wake up one day and they’re not there. Every cloud has a silver lining, at least I have one more person to visit in India next summer now.

*I should be blogging again regularly this week or next, sorry for the absence.

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