20 things I learnt in Paris

made using BeautifulMess app
made using BeautifulMess app

A list of tips, tricks and general information that I learnt whilst in Paris. I like to think this would be a handy guide for anyone about to embark on a trip to the city of light. From one traveller to another, you’re welcome.

1). Versasilles is closed on Monday

2). Musee D’Orsay is closed on Monday

3). The Louvre is closed on Tuesday

4). Take ID with you everywhere as it gets you free entry into most attractions if you are between 18 and 25.

5). You can only but cigarettes in a ‘tabac’ store

6). English mustard is different to French. I didn’t know this.

7). The metro doors don’t have sensors like the Underground. The doors don’t stop for nothin’

8). Don’t wear tight clothing when taking the RER as there’s a big ass gap between the train and the paltform.

9) The RER is a big double decker train which goes to the bigger lines and stations, the metro is like the underground.

10). There are very few waitresses in Paris. I saw two in six days. I don’t know why this is.

11). Stick to wine in Paris – the cocktails aren’t good.

12). Take advantage of the natural produce of France… bottles of wine and packets of cheese are cheaper than chips at around one Euro each. Stock up, go crazy.

13). ..But wine in restaurants is about 10x as expensive. Buy from a shop whenever you can.

14). More is more clothes wise in Paris. Even when it’s sunny it’s not classy to flash the flesh in Paris.

15). Don’t make solid plans when you’re there. Wonder around and you will find something around every corner.

16). Bring an adapter – we both forgot. Luckily ouor landlord was a babe and had one already.

17). Weat sensible shoes! If any city is apt for a beautiful pair of heels it’s probably Paris or New York, however there are cobbles everywhere which isn’t fun at all.

18). It’s a myth that Paris has to be expensive. It doesn’t. (refer to no12 above)

19). Croque- Madame is the same as a Croque- Monsieur but with an egg on top. Took me 21 years to learn this.

20). Most attractions/places close at 6pm, even in high season. Last entry is 5.30pm so keep an eye on the time so it’s not a wasted journey.

Bon vacance

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