Paris is always a good idea

some of my favourite photo’s – made using instagram, PicFrame and BeautifulMess

Myself and Darcie decided that we deserved a little mini-break and hopped on the Eurostar on Saturday for a six day adventure to Paris. It was my third visit to Paris, the last time I went was for my 18th birthday almost four years ago. I think that this time has to have been my favourite.I’ve stayed in a hotel, at a friend’s apartment, and this time in my own appartment on Avenue du Suffren. The apartment was absolutely incredible, inside a courtyard, beautifully decorated and perfectly situated about a three minute walk from the Eiffel Tower and to the RER C station: Champ de Mars – Tour Eiffel.

Whilst we were there we managed to fit in just about all of the classic-tourist activities like the musee D’Orsay, Notre Dame, Versailles, Eiffel Tower etc etc, a bunch of failed attempts at visits: getting to the Pere Lachaise cemetary to see Oscar Wilde’s and Edith Piaf’s graves, finally finding the allocated plot and then getting chased out of the cemetary by a crazed yelling guard who was on a one woman mission to have everybody out of the cemetary by 6pm sharp. There were also two failed attempts at going to the Louvre – the first time DTF forgot her ID and the second time we found out it’s shut on Tuesdays. I guess some things are just not meant to be! Kudos to Darcie for limping around like an absolute trooper all week and wincing in pain frequently, due to a sprained ankle. She really deserves a medal for her efforts.

Apart from the above, everything was pretty much like a dream. As we lived so close to the Eiffel Tower we would get a bottle of wine and go and sit on the Champ de Mars at nights and in the morning walk to the bakery below us and buy fresh croissants and baguettes before heading out for the day. It was literally perfect.. if anybody reading this hasn’t been to Paris before I wholeheartedly recommend it! I’m torn between two days as to which was my favourite.. it’s a toss between spending the day in Montmartre, walking down the bd de Clichy, seeing the Sacre Coeur, having lunch in the Place du Tertre and then wondering around the area for hours and accidentally stumbling upon the grocery store and loads of other locations for Amelie (if you haven’t watched it you must). The other contender has to be the day we spent in Versailles, as it is suuuch a beautiful Palace and the gardens are breathtaking in their size and beauty. I’m a big French film’s gal so also the fact that Marie-Antoinette was shot here is a big incentive to visit and to immerse yourself in history.

This is quite a long ol’ post, it was such an incredible trip and I have so many stories to tell from it! Apologies for the extreme lack of posts lately, I’ve got a new job so I was working flat out to save for Paris over the last few weeks. For copious amounts of photo’s of Darcie and I in Paris, feel free to check out my instagram @kirstybeck, or Darcie’s @darcietf!

The photo’s feature above if you are interested are: 1) The Eiffel Tower from our street. 2) Darce on the Lover’s Bridge. 3) Me at the Trocadero. 4) Me and DTF in Versailles. 5) Me and DTF after three bottles of wine queing for the Eiffel Tower. 6) ” ” infront of the Sacre Coeur in Montmartre. 7) The view from the Sacre Coeur. 8) Me in Montmartre. 9) Darce in a rowing boat on the Grand Canal in Versailles.

Au revoir x

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