Skins’ full circle

Warning: contains spoilers.

I remember watching the first two series’ of Skins at the tender age of 15, and it was one of the most engrossing series’ I’ve ever watched. The characters were a year or so older than me at the time.. and I was seeing on screen the paradigm of what would in a year or so’s time go on to be my teenage experiences. I guess I was a little obsessed with it – in a good way. I watched it religiously every (was it Tuesday??) week, had the soundtrack and went on to buy series 1&2 boxsets. I think that the producers of Skins released it at the perfect time, and it became the voice of the 90’s babies generation. There had never really been anything else like it in British TV history before – I don’t think. Everybody was instantly hooked by the Skins phenomenon. Sid’s awkwardness, Cassie’s vulnerability, Michelle and Tony, Jal, and the beautiful Chris & Max. Whenever I hear Standing In The Way of Control or Fat Segal, I immediately think of Skins. Now that my fangirl status has been established we can move on to Series 3.


Now.. the characters were a year younger than me now and a little wilder – but I still loved and stayed on the Skins bandwagon. It was exciting to watch real teenage life and drama on screen (almost) in realtime to our lives. Also the addition of the lesbian storylines of Emily and Naomi was something that hadn’t been explored to a predominantly teenage audience before on TV. It was daring and exciting – borderline taboo – and it was on TV.

I think around the point of series 4 was when I was taking my A-level exams – and around that period of my life I was a bit off the rails and infatuated with people/things that weren’t worth it, and so I watched it rather sporadically. Was that the series with Pandora and Thomas and Effy switches between Cook and Freddy? I can’t remember..

Then there was another series’ that happened for some unknown reason between the years of maybe 2011 and 13 – and I think everyone will agree with me here that these were a complete waste of time by E4. Sorry to any fans reading. I remember watching maybe half an episode at some point and thinking that it was utterly ridiculous, tryhard and almost laughable. It was also so bitchy and intentionally cruel, and that was never what Skins was about in essence. Maybe it was just because I grew up so it didn’t resonate with my life anymore.. but seriously did it do anything for anyone?


So anyway moving on, last week we had the premiere of series 7, which sees Effy’s mysterious transformation into a serious London trader – with a penchant for going clubbing on her own at 3am?.. but still I thought it was gripping and interesting to see the developments of the key characters from Skins’ glory days . I like that Effy seduces her gorgeous boss (who looks like an older Freddy, no?) and also the cameo by Submarine boy aka Craig Roberts who’s acting is deprecatingly brilliant. It was quite shocking how the episode tonight ended with Naomi dying in hospital from cancer and Emily being kept from knowing by Naomi’s wishes. It was again in true Skins fashion – very brave of them to approach such a delicate subject, but this is something they have always done as a show. I certainly wasn’t expecting that turn of events. Also the ‘living in a fantasy’ that Effy experienced with her boss, I guess relate to the harsh reality of being a grown up and everything that comes with it, which is what the writer’s of Skins are portraying through these final six episodes. Granted it is TV drama and everything is exaggerated – cancer, prison, that strange sex scene in the hall, but for me so far’s so good and I can’t wait to see the Cassie episode next week. I expect good things.

I wasn’t planning for this to turn into a mini essay, sorry guys!

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