Summer in the city

So I don’t know if you know, but yesterday marked the first official day of the astronomical fall of 2013. Translated into normal talk – yesterday was the first day of Autumn. Today’s the day to say au revoir to summer and start digging out our hats and winter jumpers.. and I for one am excitedddd! I love the sunshine, but there’s nothing quite like being cozy inside with a cup of tea and wrapping up like a snowman to go outside and brave the cold. This summer was my first full summer in London. I don’t quite know where the time’s gone but I’m currently two days away from starting back at university for my final year so that means it’s over. I spent this summer working full time at a pub near where I live. If this summer taught my anything it’s that I do not want to end up in a job in hospitality after graduating… Not that there’s anything wrong with hospitality, it’s just not the field for me.

When I wasn’t at work I tried to go into central as much as possible, but I ended up spending most of my time on my terrace at home, having friends over, bbqing, drinking late into the night and having dinner al fresco. We made our terrace as homely as possible by stringing up fairy lights and putting chairs and a sofa outside. I’m actually sad that we won’t be able to sit and pass the nights away outside anymore now that the days are going to get colder and darker and the rain is coming.

terraceThis summer I was also working on rebranding my universities magazine, Smoke Magazine, which I will be writing a full post on in the next few days to share it with you properly!

Finally, I also turned 22 a few weeks ago. I ended up celebrating for about five days as my family came up to surprise me and then my friends from home were here too or a couple of days and then I went away to a beautiful place in Cornwall with my boyfriend for a few days.

That in a nutshell was my summer! Here are some pretty pictures of various other things that I did, more can be found on my instagram page if you’re curious to see more.








KB x

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