Final Journalism Project

My course have for two weeks now been running the website, as part of our FJP group project for third year. We’ve been split into two groups and we have to go live for a week every fortnight. My group are coming up to our last day of our first week, so I wanted to shamelessly plug the hard work that we have been doing and ask kindly that you take a look at the site.

I’m writing for the Lifestyle section, more specifically in the Advice sub-section. What me and my small team are doing are writing advice based posts on everything lifestyle related – mostly being relationships, money, health, etc, as well as responding to daily celeb coverage.

This week has been a slow one for me, but I’ve enjoyed being immersed in a big project as this academic year has been off to an incredibly slow start! I only wrote two posts compared to some others who have written a handful already. I wrote on Saturday about the prospect of a celibate Britain, in response to Sekkusu shinai shokogun – aka ‘celibacy syndrome’ in Japan. Following that I write a short post about the the Miley [Cyrus] ‘Movement‘ that caught my attention earlier this week.

how to be jobless twitter

I have loads of exciting posts planned for our next live week, which will be the 8-15th November, including an interview with the infamous @howtobejobless, about what you have to do these days to get a job in the media. I am so excited that I get to meet someone who’s blog I admire and have been reading the last few weeks! Other posts on the horizon are on topics such as diabetes, youtube, Movember, the weather, celeb content and lots more, so please make sure you check back if I have sparked any flicker of interest!

Arrivederci, KB x

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