The decisive moment

This time three weeks ago I was sat in my university library, 30 minutes away from the biggest moment of my academic life – handing in my dissertation. I had this picture in my head that I would probably hand it in and burst into tears because writing the damn thing was the most stressful two months of my 22 years life experience. I expected to feel like I had just won the Nobel Prize, however in reality I dropped my rushedly bound dissertation in the submission box with 1 minute to go before the deadline. I high-fived a friend who had also just handed his in, and as I left university and walked towards the tube I waited for the feeling of relief and pride to overcome me, but it didn’t.

Three years was summed up in a wonderful anti-climax, a moment that I expected to be euphoric due to the relentless ‘I’ve finished my dissertation (with picture of tired looking smiling student with said dissertation in hand)’ status updates for the two days leading up to the hand in. Of course I posted an obligatory version of my hand in on Instagram, in the hope of my online profile being able to bring me some elation, alas I was still kind of numb. I’m so so proud of myself, my friends and my peers for being able to write a 12,000 word, 50 page, researched and referenced dissertation, but when it came down to it, for me finishing my dissertation was not the decisive moment of my degree that I thought it would be. University is about the people you meet, the knowledge you learn and memories that last forever. Speaking as an almost graduate to anyone in their second year of uni, your dissertation won’t kill you like I thought it would, it’s actually not that hard to write and at the end of the day we’re only students – we’re not producing a PhD thesis. To the class of 2014, we have the big wide world at our feet now and let’s hope to god that we all manage to graduate in July!

Images courtesy of Google and Flickr

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