Story of my life (so far)

In my teenage years, long before the rise of social media profiles, I liked to take photo’s. I was always the friend who always carried a camera with her and hassled my friends to be in photo’s. I don’t know what started my fascination with cameras but I think I started taking and collecting photo’s at around the age of 10/11. This was back when you could buy a disposable camera for £1 and develop it for £3.. and that’s how I often spent my pocket money. Anyway, at the age of 16 I started a scrapbook, where I would print out little pictures in the machine at Boots and make collages of the big events or friendships that were really important to me at the time. It was always going to be a long term thing, I thought that I would fill it up over the course of my life and it would eventually contain pictures of all the places I wanted to travel to and my sisters’ weddings and new friends and maybe my own wedding… It’s been seven years that I have been working on this scrapbook and I finally finished it last week.

When I showed it to H, his first question was ‘who are you going to show this to?’ and that’s when the thought occurred to me to share it on the Internet. So here is the last 7 years of my life and you can see for yourself the transition from shy 16 year old girl to 18 year old party gal, the unforgettable university chapter, to finding the love of my life in London and having the fairy tale happy ever after. This is only about two thirds of the whole scrapbook, there are other pages I left out, of being underage and drunk at parties – which was so cool to 17 year old me (cringe) and other family events. I’m really proud that I have finally finished this project, it’s something I want to keep safe in a drawer and be able to show my children in 10 years time when they ask about my life and what I did!

In other news I’m still applying for grad jobs and hoping that it won’t be too much longer until I find a job 🙂

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