Confessions of a hotel Receptionist

I work part time at a large and very well known budget hotel chain, and the last six months have almost completely destroyed my faith in humanity. I’ve kind of accepted the fact that due to the location and a well known guarantee that the company offers, no matter how much effort or time you give them people will complain. If there are also guaranteed pound signs at the end of the rainbow, people can be pretty shitty and say anything to get something for nothing. To be fair we have some really lovely people stay at the hotel sometimes, but it seems that generally the people who stay are either very nice or totally unbearable. To save myself from going insane while I search for a graduate job in my field, I feel I need to laugh at these people to save myself from imploding. These views are my own.

Despite how hard we work, we still get people who take the time to genuinely complain to head office or to us in person about something that is 90% fabricated. I have also noticed that some people expect the Earth when coming to stay in a hotel. If I worked at a five star hotel then I might not bat an eyelid, but I don’t. This hotel is three star. The ‘worst customer of the week’ may well turn into a regular feature in the hope that these people may come across my piece of the Internet and re-assess their manners. What do you think?

Recently we had a lady stay with us, who was in all honesty a ridiculous woman. She called up two days before arrival and after an introduction and a history of her stays with the chain, told me that I must find a file that exists in our system of a room-size spreadsheet… because she needed the biggest room available in the hotel for her and her family. As well as this they must be quiet rooms and next to each other (that is a standard request). The third request was that we disassemble and move two single beds into one room for her two children, as the standard put-up style children’s beds were not suitable for their backs. I said I would do my best if it was possible, to which she raises her voice and says how this request has been fulfilled every time for her in the past. Ok ma’am.

Further to this, she asked to be allocated far away from an estranged family member who was also staying in the hotel for a local wedding ‘as we wouldn’t like to see what would happen if they were to cross paths’ – not our problem really, but again your wish is our command. Finally she requested an iron in all of the three rooms that her family were occupying upon arrival at 2pm sharp. The family arrive two days later (at around 8pm) and when she asks about her iron request I politely inform her that there are five irons for 300 people staying in the hotel and we had given her one to share between the two rooms. In response I got a look that I believe was intended to inflict pain on me.

Three minutes after checking into the room she comes back to complain that one of her daughters’ beds – who were both very young and seemed perfectly happy and healthy – had a ‘broken leg’ and was ‘wonky’. In reality a wheel had fallen off the base of the bed..  I do wonder if this lady got down on all fours when she went into the room to look for a problem? I will never know. The best thing about this woman was that she must have booked and planned this months in advance as she only paid £39 for her two customised suites rooms. Thankfully I was off the following morning, as if I had to face her when she most likely complained for a refund, I think I would have laughed in her face. I guess some people are never happy.

Have a great day 🙂

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