Moti Mahal Harrow

Over the bank holiday weekend I went to my favourite local restaurant, the Moti Mahal Delux which sits at the top end of Harrow Wealdstone High Street. We live quite close to the restaurant and stumbled upon it by chance when we moved into the area. Despite there being some unfavourable reviews on TripAdvisor, every time that we have been there the staff have gone out of our way to remember us and make sure that we are happy with our experience. I think we have probably eaten here half a dozen times or so over the past 6 months and from our third visit onwards the staff have started to recognise us, and the manager usually comes over to say Hello when he sees us. Why do I rate this restaurant so highly?…


Well, without a doubt the food is the main part of the package that keeps us coming back to Moti Mahal. There are two separate menu’s which have the most popular dishes from the branches in Dehli against those in London. We usually eat from the Dehli menu, as I think the dishes are more authentic and not so generic. Some of the best dishes on the menu are the, Indian Railway Mutton curry, Lamb curry, Aloo Baigan, Lamb Chops, and the Tandoori dishes such as Paneer Tikka or Chicken. These are my personal favourites, but actually none of the dishes that I’ve eaten here haven’t been delicious, and cooked so that the meat is soft and tender and full of flavour. On this visit we decided on mutton curry and left the chef to surprise us with the gravy. We accompanied it with Chicken Biryani, raita and a mixture of naan and roti, which you can see in the above pictures.


The thing that stands out about this restaurant as soon as you walk in is the decor, it is extremely luxurious and reflects the standards of the restaurant, in my opinion. There are beautiful chandeliers hanging across the celing and the walls are papered gold with large black leather booths for larger parties or smaller tables scattered around for couples. The restaurant also reflects its Indian heritage with pictures hanging on the walls and often traditional live singers in on some weekends to draw back the regulars and newcomers. The first time we dined here was the night after our wedding night and we were surprised to find that Hamara Parcham was singing live for the whole evening. Mani was over the moon and amazed that somebody so famous for her singing was performing in all places, Harrow. The prices here are reasonable for the whole experience that you receive. with a full 2 course meal and drinks for two coming to around £35. If you are every in the Wealdstone side of Harrow then this restaurant is definitely worth paying a visit to!

I hope you enjoyed your bank holiday weekend too!

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