Birthday in Brighton

On 1st September every year I gain another year of life. I am one of the oldest when it comes to my friends as I was a September baby, and also taking a gap year to figure my life out before I started uni makes me 1-2 years older than the majority of my friends. I always wished I could have longer being the same age and not turning another year older just a couple of weeks after my friends turned the same age. HOWEVER, I feel different about it this year.  I’ve been asked a couple of times already ‘Ooh how does it feel to be 23??’ and I’m comfortable with it this year 🙂

It probably helps that H is 25 so I never feel old around him. I am also really proud of everything that I/we have accomplished in the past year, most of which was completely unexpected. I’m proud to be young, settled, married, graduated and comfortable with amazing family and friends, a wonderful husband, a lovely flat and London as my Oyster (no pun intended). I’m excited to see where this year of my life will take me, and I especially hope to start my career soon and getting on track to where I want to be professionally.


I spent my birthday with H in Brighton and had a really great day despite it being rainy for all but a few hoursActually it made it more memorable that we walked along the seafront laughing in the rain and tried to sit on the beach under an umbrella before giving up and seeking shelter! We ended up spending most of our day on Brighton Pier having good ol’ fashioned fun in the amusement arcade and getting way too excited over the 2p slot machines and feeling competitive against young kids and how good they were! We ended up spending a good 2/3 hours in the arcades and after cashing in on our winnings and a fluke with claw machine, we walked out with a Hello Kitty teddy bear, a pac man stress ball and a pack of cards to play on the train back to London.

pierProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 presetbrightonpierbrighton

By some sort of miracle the rain had stopped when we left the arcade so we bought some beers and sat huddled on the beach for a couple more hours before we wondered into town for dinner – which I have dedicated a solo post to because it was so good! It was a really special birthday that was filled with love and spent by the sea which always makes me feel at home. Thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday too!

Love, Kirsty

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