Big plans

I’m so excited to share that I will be leaving the UK for four weeks at the end of November through until Christmas! We booked our flights a couple of days ago and myself and H are heading to Dubai for four days before flying over to Lahore, Pakistan for just under four weeks. While we’re there I’m finally going to meet my in-laws and we’re going to be getting married again(!!) but following Pakistani traditions. I am extremely lucky that I’m getting married for a second time and get to experience my own  beautiful, colourful and culturally rich Asian wedding,  with the help of H’s family who have given us unconditional love and supportive with the decisions and life we’ve made together in the past year. My mind races at the thought of the clothes, colours, people, beauty and traditions that I’m going to experience first hand. We’re only going to have a one day reception rather that the three days as my family aren’t going to be coming with us this first time I visit.

photo from
Pakistani bride from
Lahore Pakistan
Lahore, Pakistan
Badshahi Mosque, Lahore
Badshahi Mosque, Lahore
Lahore fort
Lahore fort

Over the next couple of months I’m going to do my research into the culture and customs of Pakistan because i’m completely new to Asian culture and Islam, having lived a very quiet British life until I met my husband 18 months ago. I’m also going to attempt to take on the task of learning Urdu, which seems to me incredibly difficult, but I hope to have made some progress in the next 2 months before we go. At the moment I can speak the very basics of the language – hello, how are you, what is your name, thank you, goodbye – but that’s as far as I can go. My biggest worry about going there is the language barrier so I’m hoping I can learn before, even if that means buying children’s books to understand basic level Urdu. While we’re in Pakistan we’re hoping to travel the country and visit Islamabad, Murree, Gilgut, the beautifully serene Northern areas, and maybe a few more places along the way.

Murree, Pakistan
Murree, Pakistan
Northern areas
Northern areas, PK

So that’s my big update for the week! If anybody reading knows any good websites or books, or has any advice then please leave me a comment below as I’m desperate to learn more about the country before we go. If you liked this post please like also 🙂 thanks for reading Love, Kirsty

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