First days in Pakistan

So H and I are here in Lahore after four days in sun soaked Dubai, but i’ll tell all about that trip another time. We’re here in PK to finally meet my in-laws and the rest of H’s side of the family and almost as importantly, to partake in marriage no.2 in just four day’s time!

Things are very different here, daily life seems simpler and values are much stronger, but that’s not to say that life for Pakistani’s is easy as my family here are very fortunate.

Seeing what I have of the city (which isn’t much at the moment), it feels like a different world to the UK, and a much more populated one! Love and family and faith are apparent everywhere you look and there’s no limit to the amount of love that is given by family. My in-laws and just about everyone else I’ve met has been so warm and welcoming, it’s been quite an overwhelming experience. People are also so hospitable, I’ve never been fed so well in my life and even when you’re finished you will get a look and a glint in the eye as to say ‘go on we know you can eat more’. It’s really quite different to the UK where you get what you’re given and not more. In fact, I’ve probably eaten and had more home brewed tea in the past week that I had in the past two months in London. Not so good for my weight but how can I possibly decline in a city which is famed for its food.

My in-laws are incredible people and they’ve made it clear that we are all family and this is my home too. I’ve been showered with love, gifts, food and jewellery and sometimes it’s hard for me to accept but H tells me that this is the culture and this is my family showing their love. We’ve been here for six days now and time is going too fast as we’re almost a third of the way through.. I think I’ve adapted quite quickly to the culture but it’s still shocking at times to see how some people have to innovate to make ends meet. It’s really opened my eyes to a new corner of the world and my younger brother told me on my second day that there is a proverb which says that you are not born until you’ve seen Lahore, and it’s definitely a beautiful and eye opening experience. We’re busy planning everything for the wedding which is only a few days away and I’ll try to blog about everything when I have time!

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