The whirlwind of 2014

Following suit from most of the other bloggers out there, I thought I’d write a little post rounding up 2014 and shedding a little light on my hopes for this year. I don’t mean to brag but 2014 was quite an outstanding year for me. There were two very sad points in August and October when I lost two grandparents, but I also had some of the most special experiences of my life – not just one wedding but TWO!


Other notable things that I did include writing and submitting a dissertation, something that I never thought I was capable of, right up until handing it in! I got married (for the first time) almost a year ago, just before the madness of my final term at university began. At 5pm on the 1st May 2014 I handed in my dissertation and got in a taxi to Heathrow with H and we flew to Santorini, Greece for a beautiful four day mini-moon to celebrate the end of the torture that H & I endured whilst I extracted a dissertation from my brain. FYI I am not continuing with further education – one degree and three very happy years at Westminster is enough for me.

View over the caldera
View over the caldera

We came back and I worked full-time for another two months until my graduation came around in July. It was an amazing day and I was so proud of myself and my classmates for everything we’d gone through to get to our graduation day, surrounded by the people we love while we collected our degrees. Going to university was truly one of the best decisions I ever made. It let me learn, grow and change my life. It opened up so many doors that I could only ever dream of four years ago and now I’m actually getting paid to do what I love and work in digital media for a brilliant company.


October was the first big step down my career path, I was lucky enough to be offered a secondment on the Premier Inn Digital Team and that is where my career began. I worked really hard, gave it my all and it has led me to my first permanent job in online media with a great team of digital pioneers.




Eight weeks later I left London for the trip of a lifetime to Dubai and Pakistan where I finally met my in-laws after two years and spent three weeks getting to know the city that my husband loves so much. About a month ago now we got married for the second time in a two day celebration that was full of emotion, support, colour and food… oh the food! We spent the next two weeks seeing more of the city and spending quality time with the family. In the blink if an eye it was time to say farewell for now and head home to sub zero Blighty and Christmas/NY.

H & I headed to Dorset and spent Christmas with my family by the seaside for a few days, I very much indulged in Christmas eating as I had a month of festive treats to make up for. H made a big effort to be there even though battling the flu and we headed back to London and straight to bed where he has been ever since, my poor boy.

I managed to get him out of the house for New Years Eve, where we went for an amazing Malaysian dinner at Roti King Euston (post coming soon) and then headed to the Lock Tavern in Camden to see in the New Year before heading home.

2015 was very special and I’m very much looking forward to seeing what 2015 has in store. My main hopes for the year are to work really hard and learn as much as I can about digital media and all of its possibilities. We are also trying to save hard so that we can have a deposit for our first house/flat/box room in London in a year or two (here’s hoping anyway)! I also have some more obligatory resolutions, I want to get fitter, exercise more, make an effort to see my friends and family more and to make the most out of every day.

I hope anybody or everyone reading has had a great year and are optimistic for the year ahead! 2015 I’m ready for ya.

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