The best Malaysian in Euston?

I discovered the amazing food-goodness that is Roti King, last week whilst doing a itsonly11.30butimstarving google search for a lunch spot near to my office at Euston station. I had never heard of Roti King before, but I was very impressed by the consistently good reviews (e.g. Timeout, Guardian) that I found online and on their Facebook page.

I messaged H and we decided that we had to check it out and would meet there for dinner after work (I had a sandwich for lunch instead).

Roti King exterior
Roti King exterior

Quite simply, Roti King is possibly the best Malaysian street food provider in the Euston area. The food is delicious, the service is quick and attentive and it won’t cost you much more than £10 for two courses. Sounds too good to be true? If you’re looking for packet friendly and mouth-watering Asian dishes which infuse Pakistani, Indian, Malaysian and Thai influences then you should check it out – you won’t be disappointed! However, if you’re looking for fancy decor and ambience, neither Doric Way nor the restaurant are much to the eye. To find the restaurant you have to walk down an old staircase into the basement of a building where the food is served in a small room with wooden tables, no heating and an open kitchen just to the side of the front door.


Here you have our mains, at the back is Nasi Lemak, but we substituted the fried chicken for a lamb curry. For £6.50 you get steamed coconut rice with  anchovies, cucumber, egg, chilli sauce and usually fried chicken.

I chose the Mee Goreng Mamak, a local malaysian noodle dish with egg, chicken, prawns and tofu (£6.50). If the picture isn’t doing it justice, the food is just wow. Loads of flavour, perfectly cooked and big portions for half of what you would pay in a normal restaurant.

Roti King has a huge selection of dishes to try, including a Chinese menu, but fyi the reviews say to stick to what they’re famed for which are the roti’s and curries.

For starters we shared one of the famous Roti Canai (see below). We chose the Canai Chicken Special which is a perfectly cooked and flakey roti with small side bowl of chicken curry (£5.50). I can’t stress enough how good this was, and I’ve had my fair share of authentic Asian food. They have an impressive selection of roti’s available, including dhaal, egg, cheese and curry stuffed roti’s, and a sweet roti section which we didn’t try.

I think I’ll let some close-up’s of our meals do the talking now. Just looking at them makes me want to go back and eat there asap! If you ever find yourself around Euston and get a curry craving, Roti King is where you’ve gotta go. I can’t help but think this gem won’t be so authentic for long. I can see a refurb taking place to make it more fancy and the prices doubling as a result, so check it out while it lasts.

Roti Canai Special
Roti Canai Special
Nasi Lemak

You’re welcome 🙂


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