Emirates Airline London

Hello! I thought I would quickly share my belated first experience of the Emirates Airline (Southbound) across the Thames from Royal Victoria to the O2 in North Greenwich. Although I’ve lived in London for 3.5 years now, I still kinda love doing really touristy things occasionally. On the weekend I randomly decided that I wanted to go on the cable cars. I don’t really know why, but H obliged and so we made our way over to East London to experience it. One thing I love about heading East (in a really childish way) is taking the DLR. As there’s no driver, you can sit in the front seats and you get this great interrupted view of London as you’re winding along the track, and it reminds me of riding the monorail at Epcot – I hope some of you get my childhood Disneyland reference there!


The trip takes approximately 10 minutes and you get a beautiful view of the O2 and the more industrial side of East London, with the glass of Canary Wharf shining in the distance. Becasue we went on a quiet sunny Sunday afternoon we got a car to ourselves so it was an uninterrupted experience, even if it’s somewhat short-lived. Here’s a squinty selfie from our ascent over the river and some pictures of the lovely London views.emirates-airline-bun-diaries

View of the cable cars on the DLR approach to Royal Victoria
View of the cable cars on the DLR approach to Royal Victoria



Tickets across the river cost about £4-5 if you have an Oyster card, it might be a little more if you buy the ticket from the ticket desk. I was a little disappointed that our Travelcards weren’t valid for the Airline because I thought they were, but I would say it’s worth doing at least once when you’re in London.

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