Lahore Photo Diary

Here is finally my guide to Lahore and photo diary of my wonderful four week trip there from November – December 2014. PK is probably not on many travel wish lists, however I had an incredible experience and I honestly can’t say a negative thing about anybody that I met or about my experience. I wrote a blog post about my initial feelings and first few days in Pakistan here, if you want to read.

As you may or may not know, I am married (twice, actually) to H, who was born and grew up in Lahore, Pakistan before he moved to London to do his masters degree in 2011. A lot happened within the first year of our relationship and we got married in January 2014. In November 2014, we travelled to Dubai and then Pakistan to get married again with all of his family and friends present, and for me to finally meet his family and see the city that has a big place in his heart.

Anyway here is a photo diary to show you a part of the world that many of you will never see, and what a beautiful city Lahore is, full of colour and history and culture everywhere you look. There are also some pictures of our two day wedding. The pictures where I’m wearing yellow was our mehndi function and the purple dress was our walima (reception) the next day.

Lahore and the old city

lahore-pakistan-bun-diaries lahore-pakistan-bun-diaries lahore-pakistan-bun-diaries lahore-pakistan-bun-diaries lahore-pakistan-bun-diariesShahiHammam

lahore-pakistan-bun-diaries lahore-pakistan-bun-diaries

Dai Anga Mosque





mendhi-henna-walima-bun-diaries mendhi-henna-walima-bun-diaries mendhi-henna-walima-bun-diaries

Our Wedding



mendhi-henna-walima-bun-diariesmendhi-henna-walima-bun-diaries lahore-wedding-bun-diaries

lahore-wedding-bun-diaries lahore-wedding-bun-diaries lahore-wedding-bun-diaries lahore-wedding-bun-diaries



And there you have it. I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Take care,

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