Bank holiday by the sea

This bank holiday I decided it was about time I made the long ol’ journey from London to Weymouth to see my friends and family over the long weekend. Weymouth is at the end of the train line from London Waterloo and it takes about three hours to reach. It’s a wonderful place for a staycation in the UK with a gorgeous beach and harbour, loads of hotels, places to eat/café’s and good nightlife. Weymouth is a beaaautiful town that comes alive in the summer and I feel blessed that I had such a happy, safe and picturesque childhood/teenagehood spent by the sea. FYI, I stayed until I was 20 when I moved to London for university. I spent the weekend mostly with my sisters and catching up with friends (one of whom is about to have a baby!) as my parents had gone off to Paris for the weekend. Anyway enough of me rambling, here are a few photo’s I took with my sis on the seafront as the sun was shining and all seemed well in the world.      

Tshirt – Topshop
Maxi skirt & belt – Primark
Sandals – Primark
Throw – M&S

I hope everyone reading had also had a great BH!

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