10 things I plan to do in Lisbon

Two weeks today will be my last day at work before I run away from London for a mini break to Lisbon with my sister. I’ve been working like crazy lately and I can’t wait to spend a few days exploring, beaching and eating. I thought I’d put my research into one place and share with you guys what I’m planning to get up to in Lisboa incase anyone else reading is also visiting soon. This will be my first time visiting the city so if anyone has any other recommendations for local treasures or if I’ve missed something then please leave a comment or link to your blog to let me know!!


I’ve got the feeling that I’m going to love Lisbon to bits, I’ve only heard good things about it and I’m a sucker for beautiful colourful cities, views and architecture. Two blogs that inspired me to visit are wishwishwish and smlcrzy – check these out for more Portugal inspo!

Without further ado, here is our rough itinerary for the trip.

  1. Afternoon/day visit to Sintra – I’ve been told that this is a must do day trip when visiting Portugal and that the Palacio Nacional da Pena (National Palace) is stunning, just look at this picture!


2. Afternoon trip to the beach town of Cascais and possibly some surfing at Guincho beach

3. Dinner and drinks in Bairro Alto – I’ve heard and read this is the place to head out for nightlife and socialising.


…and while in Bairro Alto, catch the sunset at Miradouro de Santa Catarina. Apparently from this viewing point you have the most breathtaking views of the Tagus river, the 25th of April Bridge and the Cristo Rei monument. Also on my list is a visit to Noobai Café as I’m a sucker for dinner and a view.

4. Tour of the city on Tram 28. I’m not ashamed to say I can’t wait to enjoy this ride and watch the city unfold. I love playing the tourist.


..This traditional wooden tram tours the small streets of Alfama where we are staying so I expect this will be one of things we do on our first day to get our bearings in place before heading further afield.

5. The Belem Tower, a UNESCO World Heritage site, defining the character and history of Lisbon.

6. Jeronimos monastery, another beautiful piece of architecture to admire!


7. Baixa quarter – famed for it’s lively atmosphere and shopping credentials. I’m a lover of souvenirs so I’m hoping I’ll be able to pick up some momentos here.

8. The Santa Justa Lift (Rua de Santa Justa) – is a vertical street lift also in the district of Baixa. I have already declared I love being a tourist and taking in all the views, so this one’s a priority!


9. Telecabin Lisboa – possibly one to do if we have time. Because who doesn’t love a cable car?

10. Cristo Rei monument (another maybe if we have time) is one of the most iconic statues of Lisbon, inspired by the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro.
cristo-rei-lisbonAaand that’s my 10 things I plan to do in Lisbon list. I hope this might come in handy to someone else in the future. Happy summer holidays everyone! I leave you with this parting image..

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 13.41.42


*all images from Pinterest

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