Lisbon Photo Diary

Hello and good morning! Here’s keeping my fingers crossed for the supposed 30 degrees in London for the next couple of days. Just incase the weather fails, here are some pictures of the beautiful city of Lisbon this time last week. I went for a (too) short trip to Portugal with my sister as a late birthday present for her and a little escape from the daily grind.


IMAG0025 IMAG0031 IMAG0036 IMAG0041 IMAG0050 IMAG0051 DSC01923lisboa-birds-eye-view


IMAG0090 DSC01949


DSC01959 DSC01960 IMAG0099 DSC01998 DSC02012 DSC02013 DSC02017 image3 DSC02023 DSC02026 DSC02039 DSC02045 DSC02049 DSC02052

We had an amazing three days and I will write up what we got up to in the subsequent posts to come. I would recommend Lisbon to anyone for a city break, I can’t say a single thing bad about our experience although it was over so fast and then real life catches up again. If only we could all elope to our favourite place and the world was at peace and money grew on trees!

Have a great day and wear suncream! K x

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