In support for Pakistan


Something that I came across recently that touched my heart is the Humans of New York Pakistan series. If you don’t know/follow HONY please take a look at his Facebook page or blog! This summer, Brandon is travelling around to lesser represented countries in the Middle East region to allow them to represent themselves on a global scale. As the Guardian sum up perfectly in their article, ‘In newspapers and popular culture, meanwhile, the country has been portrayed as a dusty pit of desolation. The visit of Brandon Stanton, was nothing if not timely. While many of the photos and their accompanying tales tell of struggles and strife, they also paint a picture of hope and resilience’. Whilst in Pakistan for a month he managed to subvert a lot stereotypes the media have created of the country and people; as well as raise an incredible  £1.2million for humanitarian activist Syeda Ghulam Fatima, in just four days t help her organisation’s bid to end the tradition of bonded labour.


Pakistan isn’t perfect, but it’s my 2nd home and I was so overwhelmed with the people and spirit of everyone I met and know in Lahore. It’s wonderful and inspiring, what Brandon/HONY has achieved and is doing in the world to help us think on a human level and open our eyes to the lives of others. I believe one day we will live in a better world, but until then, global campaigns like this will always cement my faith in humanity. Go Brendan!

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