Birthday in London

Following last years’ dedicated birthday post and me gushing about my plans, here’s a little memoir of my birthday last week. This year I was so lucky that I got to spend time with all of my friends and family whom I haven’t seen for a long time. I went for birthday drinks with some friends in London after work on the Friday night and had the most fun drinking delicious cocktails and then dancing in Joe’s in Camden until the wee hours. I then went back to Weymouth to see my family and family who all came over for a bbq which was really special. I then went back to London to spend my birthday with my hubby as detailed below. I was spoilt rotten this year and my sister went to so much trouble to arrange gifts that I had been harping on about for months. I am very lucky indeed.

my birthday gifts :)
my birthday gifts 🙂

On my actual birthday H and I went to The Sky Garden on Fenchurch Street near to Monument station in The City, as I’d been wanting to go allll summer! It’s so worth the 3 week wait to get (free!) tickets and to take in the incredible 360 degree views!  You are met with a view of the Shard piercing the sky as soon as you step out of the elevator on the 35th floor. It’s so very beautiful inside with an elegant air, with palm tree lined stairs and all glass walls making you feel like you are in a floating greenhouse. Stairs lead up to a terrace that looks right over the Gherkin and Canary Wharf and a there is a restaurant at the very top. I stood staring at the views with huge grin on my face before realising that we were already late for our dinner reservation which was a trek away in Covent Garden. Oops, but can you blame me?!


dress, Zara
testing out my new camera!
testing out my new camera!

We then made our way to Soho for an amazing dinner at Bob Bob Ricard. The restaurant is set in a 1920’s Parisienne brasserie, with intimate booths for every table with a little overhead lamp, velvet shutters and the best button in London…

A button for Champagne!
…a button for Champagne!

I had an incredible time this restaurant and felt so spoilt, again. If you’re looking for a restaurant for a special/romantic occasion then Bob Bob Ricard is a very good bet. I’m going to post a separate restaurant review as I don’t want this page to be mega long and boring so if you want to read more check out Bob Bob Ricard London.

We left, stuffed, and made our way back home to bed before work resumed on Wednesday morning, but it was like a movie while it lasted! Bring on 24, I’ve accomplished so much since my Birthday post last year, and reading it back made me remember how much I was hoping for change this time last year. Moving to London was one of the best decisions in my life and I loved that I spent my birthday this year taking in the best of it with my hubby by my side #soppygit.

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