Bob Bob Ricard, London

Looking for a restaurant in London that makes you feel like you’ve been transported back to a secret luxury restaurant in 1920’s Paris or Moscow? Well, I can tell you it exists in Upper St James Street, Soho. It’s quite a wallflower from the outside but when you step inside you’ll be feeling like the cat who got the cream, trust me!

I visited Bob Bob Ricard for the first time as a birthday treat with my hubby after seeing it mentioned a few times here and there this summer. As soon as you walk in the door it’s clear that the standard is very high and you’re about to experience something quite special. Burgundy velvet curtains lead you into a low lit brasserie filled with intimate blue marbled booths and a huge gold bar along the entire back wall.  We went on a Tuesday night so it was quiet enough that you could hear the murmur from other tables but the seating plan makes you feel like the only ones there.

When you’re seated in your booth, you have the option to close off any prying eyes on the surrounding tables with velvet shutters, there is a little gold reading lamp attached to the wall, and probably the most recognisable feature of Bob Bob Ricard – the delight of a Champagne button on every table.

A button for Champagne!
Yes please!

After the excitement had worn off slightly, the attention turns to the menu – serving luxury English and Russian classics, reinvented. We started with the grilled Oysters to share with a bottle of Rioja. It was the first time I’d tried Oyster and I loved them! Here is H ready to eat.


For the mains, I had the breaded Lobster Burger in a brioche bun with Crayfish Salad and it was a solid 10/10. H took the Chicken St Petersberg which is chicken stuffed with lobster and fries. If words aren’t enough, look at these pictures and tell me you you’re not salivating.



We were really quite stuffed by this point, but when the desert menu was offered I still took it and we ended up ordering the dulce de leche creme brulee as they are our favourite. When we thought it was all over, our waitress then brought out this little surprise with a sparkler on top while I sat there like an awe struck child in a food coma.


I can’t recommend this place enough, so please make a note if you’re planning a trip to London and looking for a dinner that won’t easily be beaten!

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