Road trip to Islamabad

Today was a long but good day! This morning we finally submitted my POC card application that will allow me to freely enter the country for the next few years. We’ve been thinking about getting the card for months and decided to do it here instead of via the UK/PK embassies, and after three days of document chasing it’s done so fingers crossed!  
We then went home and packed a bag before setting of on the long drive to Islamabad for an overnight stay in the capital.

The journey from Lahore took us about 5/6 hours on the M2 and it’s the first long drive that H and I have taken together as we don’t drive in London. It was great to see the scenery change as we headed North and see the little villages and huge rivers every once in a while. When you come to about an hour from Islamabad you start to see the mountains appear in the distance and then you’re driving through them into the city! I also love the beautiful lorries that scatter the roads in Pakistan, all painted different bright colours with patterns,calligraphy and adornments hanging off the edges! Lorries…beautiful? Here are some traffic watching snaps I took today…


When we arrived in Islamabad we scaled the steep and winding Margalla Hills towards La Monal restaurant above Damen-E-Koh. It was the most beautiful atmosphere high up in the mountain with the cool air, the twinkling lights of Islamabad below and a live band on the giant restaurant veranda. It’s a memory I won’t easily forget! Pakistan is much more charming and beautiful than I ever knew and it’s so good to see more of the region! Below are a few pictures of us checking out the Faisal Mosque early the next morning and of Daman-E-Koh at night. I’ve fallen for Islamabad’s charms already.

IMG_5940img_5938.jpgProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

If you have any Islamabad recommendations please let me know!

K, x

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